Academic Rules

  1. Students are required to carry their identity cards, issued by the Institute at all times, while they are in the institute.
  2. Students are required to attend lectures regularly. At least 75% attendance is compulsory for any student to appear in final examination of the semester however in deserving cases director/principal can condone 15% of the attendance.
  3. Any student remaining absent for more than 7 days, without prior permission from the head of the Institution, shall be deemed to have dropped out and his/her name will be struck off from the rolls.
  4. Student must appear in all the periodic class tests, complete all assignments, appear in all sessional exams and projects given to them for the internal assessment.
  5. The institute shall fix a schedule for lectures, tutorials, practicals and other programs, the way it considers necessary and shall endeavour to adhere to this it. All students are strictly required to follow it.
  6. There will be three House Test. Out of three best two will be counted towards sessionais to be sent to Kurukshetra University. Students having less than 50% attendances will not be allowed to appear in house test.
  7. Parents should remain in touch with the college authorities regarding the performance of their children/wards and attendance regularly.
  8. Parents teacher meet will be on last Saturday of every month between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  9. If any students damage coilege/hostei property he/she has to bear cost and fine also.
  10. All students are required to enter workshops and labs with prescribed apron/dress & put it on while working on machines & instruments.
  11. Strict action will be taken against those students who found involved in ragging, strikes or any illegal activities.
  1. Students are required to observe decorum while attending the course.
  2. Students are liable to be dismissed or suspended on misconduct by the principal/ Director if any of the terms of the institute’s code of conduct is violated either in letter or spirit.
Library Rules
  1. Maintain discipline in the library.
  2. Books, magazines, journals and newspapers be not handled carelessly.
  3. Don not spoil and disfigure the books maintain forlonglife.